Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A mass rally to protest by (ASESE&UA)

GANGTOK, October 09: A mass rally to protest the ill system practiced in the state like extension, corruption, nepotism in facilitating government service was held today here in the capital by All Sikkim Educated, Self Employed and Un Employed Association (ASESE&UA) starting from Old Bansilal Petrol Pump to White Hall.
     The rally was participated by about 50 individuals from various walks of life both boys and girls along with the members of the association.
     Addressing media, President ASESE&UA Nawin Kiran Pradhan stated that the protest really organized is to bring about true and full fledge democracy in the state which is missing presently. The nepotism practiced in recruitment policy of Government service is killing the constitutional right ‘equal opportunity for all to compete for government service recruitment’ of the educated youths in the state.
     Likewise, the extension policy adopted by the government has deprived the rights of the educated youths from applying in the government service and being absorbed to showcase their talent, added Pradhan.
     ‘The association opposes all such ill practices being carried out in the state in the name of democracy and we appeal the government to bring about equal opportunity and solution to mitigate all such problems persisting in the state and absorb the talents in the government sectors having potentiality that too in merit basis’, mentioned Pradhan. 

     He went on to appeal that the youths of the state including all the citizens must not sit idle at home and point out the ill practices of the governance rather must come forward to oppose such system to bring about change considering the better future of the generation ahead.
     The government must stop illegal appointments made in the government sector as there are many such examples and relevant documents with the association wherein the proof of nepotism has been proved practiced by the government. A sack full with such recruitment is with us and if any individual wants to seek such names or information can approach the association office, iterated Pradhan. But the protest rally carried out today or the oppose being made is not against any individual in personal but against the system that exists in the state today.
     Nawin Kiran Pradhan went on to say that ‘the associations’ loss in the fight against the system is the loss of the Sikkimese  citizens as a whole, we declare that if the government does not rectify such practices or abolish such system than the association will be calling a strike against such practice state wide in the month of November.  
     The rally was also addressed by General Secretary SHRA Tara Shresta and the was attended by former MP Nakul Das Rai, Chief Advisor ASESE&UA Pahalman Subba, Chief Patron Tseten Tashi Bhutia respectively. (Pic & Text Pappu Mallick)

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